VoiSee® offers immediate support for age-related macular degeneration. With this compact, mobile device, the Swiss company 3xTec AG is launching a practical visual aid for the approximately one million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland affected by this visual impairment.



Due to a case of illness in the closest family circle of the initiator, the search for a suitable aid for the accomplishment of everyday tasks started. The choice was wide - but all available visual aids were only suitable for stationary use due to the need for magnification and the associated screen size. 

The need for a small, light and above all portable visual aid, with the magnification possibilities of a large stationary device, was the birth of VoiSee®.



VoiSee® convinces with a compact, light and simple appearance. With a weight of less than 300g, the visual aid is the perfect companion for everyday life.Thanks to its compact size, VoiSee® can be carried anywhere at any time and fits easily in any handbag.

  • compact - the size of a digital camera

  • light - less than 300g

  • wireless

  • discrete device color



The human eye serves as the default for the detection range. VoiSee® also has strong magnification capabilities within the specified image capture range.

  • magnification range 5x - 20x

  • autofocus

  • image stabilization

  • image brightness can be optimized

  • contrast can be optimized

  • Acquisition speed 25 - 30 frames per second



VoiSee® is guided close to the eye like a monocular. The development of the new Near-to-Eye technology enables the realization of the following properties:

  • insensitive to extraneous light

  • patient-specific dioptric correction

  • High contrast

  • High resolution

VoiSee® -  a finely tuned electronic concept in a compact device body